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Here are examples of my video works. Feel free to view short excerpts of each video - just click on the image. You will also need to have QuickTime installed on your computer. If you don't have QuickTime Installed, go to and get it.




Ten Versions of America (2002/2004)

This started musically - I was invited to remix a song by the European progressive music group "Centrozoon". After listening to its troubling lyrics of isolation and excess, I used footage of the homeless and the expensive housing of San Francisco and combined it with the ecological disaster of Bakersfield, California. By using a single frame editing technique, I accented rhythmicaspects in the video - automobiles, police cars, oil dericks amid corn fields, shopping malls, electrical pylons - much like Cricket Point, only much more rhythmic and accessible, all to a less seizure inducing effect. In November 2004, it was re-edited for a European release supporting a new Centrozoon record.

Music: Ten Versions of America by Centrozoon


SEI (2003)
This is the first performable video work I have a focus to complete in the short term. It is very much under construction as of this writing, July 2003. Based on a number of recurring dreams I experienced over a year, it tells the dream's stories, where I met my Muse, at a café. She explained to me that she was hired by my Holy Guardian Angel because he's too overworked and really not the "artsy type". We would meet in other dreams and have very dense and powerful conversations. This perfomance video tells the story of those dreams. Its performance will use a software product I designed, spec'd, and tested, "Florence", which was coded and developed by Peter Nyboer. Muse: Megan Murphy
Hero: Chris Tann
Camera: Anna Wang, Henry Warwick
Music: Henry Warwick, CDW, The Skeptics



Ends of Empire (2003)
I did this piece as a response to the second Iraq War. Most of the footage is stock footage from the American and Chinese military, heavily processed. Rather than focus on Iraq, however, I focussed more on what I believe is the actual issue at hand: Empire and the formation of superstates.
The music accompanying the video is ELO's "All Over the World" as performed by The Space Lady.
Litte Girl: Elizabeth Warwick
First Camera: Victor Marino
Second Camera: Enza Sebastiani  


Mare Fecunditatis (2002 - ongoing)
This is a section from a larger ongoing work, Maria Lunum : the seas of the moon. Mare Fecunditatis is the Sea of Fertility.
Mare Fecunditatis was shot at the Haight Street Fair. I walked the entire length of the crowd several times, and superimposed the images. Each channel of video varies in opacity, causing a kaleidoscopic vision of human procession : we literally see a million people go by the camera in a few minutes. That is the result of the Sea of Fertility: an over populated planet of people hellbent on having one heck of a good time...
Music: Mare Fecunditatis by Henry Warwick from the CD "k.2"  


Cricket Point (2002)
Shooting video illegally in the Hunter's Point shipyard, I came across scenes of devastation and mad industrialism. After a few hours of shooting, my friend, Jerry Gainor, and I were captured by security and escorted off the grounds.
This video describes my revulsion towards that place and that part of our world. The music, "Cricket" from my CD "Keraunograph" consists of squalling feedback and distortion. The video flickers rapidly - images of destruction, ruins, rebar, jets, stop lights, buildings, barbed wire - my world : our world : a thing of horror : a thing of beauty.
Music: Cricket by Henry Warwick
Addtional digital stills by Jerry Gainor


Sidewalk (2001)

Sidewalk stems from an insight I had in 1994. While walking up Masonic Ave. to Haight Street in San Francisco, I saw each square in the sidewalk as a its own abstract "painting." My initial idea was to do it as a series of photographs, and that is something I am still considering, but my idea shifted to one of video, where attention would be paid to each square just as I saw it in my initial insight.
Looking at the very ground beneath my feet, I find beauty in the works between humanity and the environment - even a broken messy sidewalk, or, especially, a broken messy sidewalk.

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