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Henry Warwick has been actively involved with the creation and performance of electronic music since the mid 1970s, when he first delved into musique concrète techniques in high school. Always experimenting with new ideas, sounds, and techniques, he works with a variety of materials ranging from the completely digital realm of computer music to much more organic and acoustic practices, such as the Armenian duduk.

During the 1980s, he released several recordings as cassettes. In the mid 1990s, he focussed on visual art and performance rather than recording, and the result of this neglected effort culminated in his CD of 2000, Keraunograph. Since then he has made a number of other recordings and collaborations with other fine electronic musicians.

In the meantime, download everything Henry's done. Have fun!

Henry Warwick :
Live!| k.2 |Keraunograph | SNOW | Breathless | In C , HPSCHD, and Autochamber | Metawind
| Electronic Etudes

Henry also works in ensembles. Check it out!

The Skeptics : Everything@Once!

The Skeptics like music with a beat.

CDW : resistor

CDW is unique - ambient, with a bit of a beat, mysterious and complicated in its simplicity.

MRW : Hit and Run

Lots of buzzy synthesizers making ambient joyful noizes.

Marz Warwick : Half Blue Half Orange

Half Blue is beat oriented and often features some scary solos. Half Orange is stirring ambient bliss. Together, they make one awesome record.


Back in the lemon scented 70s, Henry was in a band that played Prog Rock Covers, Solaris. Some of the members of Solaris are still jamming together. The guitarist, James Curran, has been a life long friend of Henry's and in the 1990s he and his wife, Susan Guiles-Curran, put out two really amazing records as the group Confession. They self produced and self released a 4 song EP, Confession, and then a full length CD, The Late Show. For a variety of reasons, they never went into the distribution chains, and went largely unnoticed. On a phone call, 9 July 2012, James gave Henry permission to put these records up on

Click HERE to find out more about this wonderful band (that you probably don't know anything about) or if you want to sample each song independently. If you know and you just want to download a zip file of each of the records directly, click on the following linked album titles.

Confession - Selfititled EP

Confession - The Late Show

Also available for the first time in digital form is the infamous snotty surfer upstart punk rockers, The Dismembers - check out the mp3 of their obscene hit single, I HATE THE BRADY BUNCH!

The Dismembers : I Hate the Brady Bunch


Yes - totally free. You can also download a pdf file which will provide you with cover art for a standard CD jewel case. Please note that the covers are mostly in colour and will require a colour printer. Some of them are not complete, and will be posted when they are finished. We recommend thicker non-glossy photo paper. All the music is in 192kbps MP3 format for your listening pleasure. Henry is working on a higher resolution solution. Eventually they will be available as 320kbps MP3s, but for now, it's 192, which is at least listenable, especially considering the source material is often a cassette tape.

The Music Here is covered by the "Free As A Freakin' Bird Just Be Nice and Give Credit" anti-intellectual property non-license. In other words, make as many copies as you want. Give it away. Incorporate it into other things, compilations, soundtracks, etc. Go for it. It's more important that the work be experienced. But be a good sport and give credit, though, 'cuz that would be nice, mmmkay?

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