Regarding my imaging practice:

I've been using computers to assist me in my imaging and painting for many years - since 1993, to be exact.

I tend to work from a conceptual point that finds manifestation in a material image, rather than work in a specific method of treating, handling or otherwise producing imagery. This results in a practice based around discreet series of related images or imaging practices that may or may not bear any visual congruity to each other. With each series often very different from every other series in both form and content, the imaging practice in a given series would supports the specific ideas and visions in a given series, as opposed to using ideas to support a specific formal imaging notion or practice.

This allows me a varied and inventive imaging practice, with an emphasis on conceptual exploration and is often influenced by and influencing of my video and audio practices, i.e., I work as a thoroughly inter- and multi-disciplinary artist.

Feel free to download and print these images at your leisure.

X Series, 2006 (384 images, coming soon)

NEW JERSEY SERIES 2004 (18 images)

MODERN INSTANT 2004 (14 images)

MYTH AND FISSION, 2002 (note: this has over 150 images. If you have a slow connection, please be patient...)

BFD, 2002 (25 images)

Previous imaging and paintings can be found here:

SERIES OF TEN (10 images)




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