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HW in parka

His dry heart is as light
as his lost cause is just.

-from "Sailcat" by Paul Grant

Click HERE for my CV.

I was born in New Jersey, and grew up in the industrial stench and toxic waste dumps that formed the landscape of the endless industrial suburbs that lie between New Brunswick, NJ and the Holland Tunnel. After spending half a year starving in Boston Massachussetts, where I attended SMFA on scholarship, I returned to New Jersey, and finished my BFA at Rutgers University, with a major in Visual Systems Studies, a major of my own invention. After college, I lived in Washington DC for nine long and too often miserable years. In April 1991, I moved to San Francisco, CA, and my life immediately and dramatically improved. It was in San Francisco, a year and a half later, I met Beth Scannell, and we soon married. In August 2004, I received my MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College. A major milestone in my life, it re-envigourated my art work on many levels. In 2007 I was invited to teach at Ryerson University, in Toronto, Ontario, so we sold our house and moved across the country. We now live in a lovely home build in 1920s and are settling in well to our new city and country.

On June 22, 1997, our daughter, Elizabeth Anastasia, was born. She is a bright and lovely girl, my pride and joy. She loves all different kinds of music, plays piano, and makes powerful videos. She is an excellent young artist and attends the Etobicoke School of the Arts.

In 2012, I finished my PhD in Communications at the European Graduate School, where I wrote my dissertation on "The Alexandria Project" a sub rosa offline file sharing system of personal portable libraries. My advisor was Geert Lovink. My second reader was Victor Vitanza.

We had two cats - brothers - since they were 8 weeks old in June 1995. The orange fluffy beast can usually be found snoozing on our bed and the sleek black one is usually slumbering on Elizabeth's. The slinky black one died in 2010. We miss him very much. We recently acquired a young grey streaky cat who hides a lot. They are both totally loveable and utterly useless pets.

We don't really collect much except music and books.

If you're looking for my CV, click HERE.

Thanks for visiting, and I wish you all the best.


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